Its been three years now since was launched. I thought I’d take the opportunity to thank the 1780 web-surfers who have visited the site this year. Hey, THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH. I really do appreciate the support you all have given by visiting and leaving your comments. I must also apologise to the loyal visitors who check back every few weeks or month that The Changeling King has still not found a home with a publisher. Needless to say that the search continues. The authors who don’t get published are the ones that stop trying after getting a few knocks. I’m still behind Stephen King and J K Rowling in the number of rejection emails and letters I’ve received, but I’m kind of hoping to find a publisher before I catch up with them.

As is my penchant, I’m doing another read through of the Changeling King to try and slice off another 4000 words. Yes, another short story’s length of words trimmed away like last years mullet. The second draft of the Adventures of Some Kid is coming along slowly but surely and I’ve a few new short stories in various draft stages, so the magic is happening, albeit slowly.

I’m currently reading Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines in paperback and Frank Herbert’s Dune on my htc smartphone. I’m playing Army of Two: The 40th Day and God of War 3. My current favourite websites to visit are and Keep yer’ eyes peeled for more posts from yours truly. Keep Reading, Keep Writing.

Trollking home

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