The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Dear Readers,

killzoneI thought I’d start this edition off with a little musing on one of my dreams from last night. I was dressed in regular clothing in a white-washed, in-door complex. I had a large assault-rifle type of gun in my hands and a bunch of other people, male and female, white, black, thin, fat, you name it, around me. As if that isn’t strange enough, each of us has an icon hanging over our heads with a name tag attached, like you would find in a video-game. We’re moving through the complex, hugging walls and peeking around corners. We spot a bunch of other ‘players’ and I know these guys aren’t from our camp, because they don’t have the icon name-tag over their heads. My guys open fire. I decide to split from the team and sneak down a tunnel that brings me up behind the other team. I start shooting and take out three of their guys before I get shot down by their comrades. I drop to the floor, not wounded, but unable to participate until the next round starts. Is this the future of gaming? I know some of you are thinking, well that’s just laser-quest, right? But what about the icons and the name-tags? We kind of wrote off virtual reality in the 90s as something that wasn’t going to catch on, but with 3D gaming and motion-detection (Killzone 3) soon to become the standard in gaming, what’s to say that the holy-grail of gaming isn’t full immersion into the gaming world. Now that I think about it, imagine playing Call of Duty the way I experienced last night’s dream? That my friends is where I want to be.

Okay, on the writing front, I’ve just finished another re-edit (labelled Draft 6b) of the Changeling King. It is now under 80,000 words. Draft 2 was 120,000 words and Draft 4 was 102,000 words and Draft 5 was 86,000 words. If you apply Stephen King’s model of redrafting, the final draft should be a third shorter than the original draft, then the new length of the Changeling King is spot on. The reason for this redraft is the Times Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition. Chicken House was set up by Barry Cunnigham, the guy who discovered J K Rowling. Its one of the most exciting publishers of Children’s and YA fiction in the country. Chicken House are the publisher’s of Cornelia Funk’s Inkheart books and Stuart Hill’s Icemark books. (

In addition to redrafting the novel, I’ve also prepared a chapter by chapter outline to complement the usual A4 synopsis that publishers expect. So all I need right now are you prayers and best wishes.

Back to focusing on the other writing again. Hopefully, I’ll have something interesting to share with you soon . . . a sneak preview of The Adventures of Some Kid.

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