The Burning Need

Week 1 of my MA course is just about over, with only a presentation to deliver tomorrow. I’ve learnt about the dominant political theories of neo-liberalism and socialism, the grand narrative of the Eurocentric Project and a critical understanding of modernism and post-modernism. Next week I start working on my assignment.

Throughout this week I’ve been feeling a strong desire to do some writing, but have been too mentally drained to write anything decent. During lectures, my mind has on a few occasions drifted into various scenarios to add depth to the sequel to the Changeling King. Thats the trouble with being a writer, you can’t switch it off.

I did however observe how into their work my lecturers were. You could see the passion was still there, despite their many years of service. It’s that passion that defines a calling rather than just employment.

The one question young people often ask me is how do you know you’re a writer? Does your command of the language have to be real good? Do you have to be a guru of grammar? Do you have to have an inert talent for it? Writing is like any other calling. It has to be an obsession. You have to be interested in every element of it. You have to be enamored of its intricacies. It’s what you think of before going to sleep, your first thought when you wake. It needs to be under your skin, leaving you hollow-eyed like an addict even when you are taken away from it. You have to love it and hate it in equal measure.

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