Writer’s Journeys

Farhana Shaikh of the Asian Writer interviewed me a couple of weeks ago and the transcript is now live on the Asian Writer website. In addition to this interview, Rod Seeder has featured my personal journey to publishing The Changeling King on his Virtual Books blog.
At the time of writing this post, The Changeling King has had 32 downloads on Smashwords and a further two on the Kindle Store. A good start, but keeping spreading the word. My one year target is 1000 copies sold, which is nothing compared to what John Locke managed by self-publishing through Kindle, 1,000,000 copies sold! You can read about John Locke at the Bookseller website.
In other news, I will be soon releasing the Gillieron chapters under the title, The Dvargar of Amundborg. The chapters were originally a part of the Changeling King, but had to be cut away to bring the book down to 80,000 words and to cut down the number of viewpoint. The chapters were particularly difficult ones to write and though not central to the plot, add a great deal to the world of Kryllon and understanding the island’s people. Seven Earths eJournal will be publishing them exclusively on their website (http://sevenearthsejournal.blogspot.com). Then in late July, to celebrate my birthday, I’ll be releasing the 6000 story as a free download at Smashwords.

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