One Month Later

Okay, so that title doesn’t sound as catchy as 28 Days Later, but that would be lying and for an author of fiction, lying is suicide! The purpose of todays blog is to share with you how The Changeling King and my other titles on Smashwords (The Dvargar of Amundborg and Trial by Fire) are doing. Total number of downloads (including free 20% samples of The Changeling King) come to 164. Of this, 55 belong to The Changeling King. In reality, only 27 copies have been ‘purchased’, which also includes promotional offers, which means I’ve actually only made around $10. The Kindle Edition has sold 3 copies, but at full price, bringing the total number of purchases to 30 and my total income to around $20. Not exactly figures that make me think about quitting the day job to start writing full-time granted. However, the thing to remember is that publishing isn’t a quick turnover thing. I’m in it for the long haul.
Okay, so Seven Earths Publications have allowed me to use one of their ISBNs and stuck their name on the publication information page in the book, but the agreement with them (my fellow editors) was that I’ve got to take full responsibility for the marketing. You see, Seven Earths Publications is a not-for-profit gig, so they don’t want any proceeds from the book except for what I want to donate (once the eggs have hatched). They’re not interested in making The Changeling King a commercial success. So that means I’ve got to put in the leg work myself.
I know this is going to be at least as challenging as finishing the book, so I’m going to be taking notes and will eventually share the ins and outs of marketing a book with you, my readers. I’ve already had a few interviews done on a couple of website (links can be found on my website under News and Reviews) and I have a few reviews and interviews lined up in the upcoming weeks and months. I’ll be posting links on Twitter (@noorjahangir) and on Facebook (!/pages/Noor-A-Jahangir/154437397960355) so that you can follow my exploits. For those of you who continue to support me by visiting my sites, following me on social media and purchasing my work, thank you and please do continue. For those of you new to my musings, here are some links to where you can buy my book from:

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