New Cover Art and Print Version Announcement

ImageDear Readers,

I thought I’d give you a little break from all the book reviews that I’ve been doing recently and share some real, exciting news. First of all I’d like to share with you (to the left, to the left, to the left) the brand new cover art for The Changeling King, by Paul Davies. If the style looks a little familiar, its because Paul has done quite a bit of work for the World of Warcraft, with several Warcraft magazine covers to his credits.

The cover art features a scene from the book set at the end of the Age of Alvor, when the Trollking laid siege to the Alvor city of Ranush. The dude in the armour, carrying the T-blade sword is the changeling who became the Trollking, mounted on a nicor (a wingless dragon that inhabits the marshes and rivers of Kryllon). Needless to say I love this cover and really hope that you will too. 

Why does The Changeling King need a new cover? Well, as much as I’m a fan of ebooks, the world is still (me included) very much in love with the traditional print book and it would be stupid therefore not to make The Changeling King accessible to as many readers as possible. Along with the cover art, the text will be revised too (because there are still mistakes in there that I find annoying). The book is going to be a trade paperback, i.e. its going to be as big as a hardback but with a softcover. Its going to be about 250 pages long and depending on printing costs, will retail for about £11.99. The ebook version will retail at about £1.90. I’m aiming to launch the print version sometime in the summer, with a number of local book signings. The ebook should be available sooner from Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Diesel books. The print version will be available at online stores Lulu, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but will also be available to order from your local bookshop. Keep an eye out for competitions for free book giveaways through Goodreads and the Facebook page.

You can check out more of Paul Davies art at

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