The Tingle

I know what you’re thinking. What on earth is the tingle? If you read my recent post on phases you’ll know that I’m currently in academic gear (driving analogy, not clothing). But over the last few days I’ve started to experience a not too unfamiliar sensation that tells me I should be doing something, almost like a spider-sense tingling at the back of my mind. It’s happened whilst I’m watching films and made some mental note of a storytelling mechanism employed by a director or when I’m reminiscing about some old movie from the 80s from when I was a kid. It’s the tingle that writers experience when they get a new idea or simply feel the urge to write something.
I can feel it now, even as I write this post. Magic stirring in the mysterious part of my brain where creativity resides alongside the seven year old me who first dreamt of becoming a writer. It’s an exciting feeling. I’ve only got a few weeks of my MA left. My dissertation goes in this week and I’ve got a couple of essays to follow. Once they are done, nothing will stand between me and my fiction. I will shake loose from the academic mind and enter fully into wordsmith mode. Then my friends and followers I will share with you such wonders as only a fantasy author can. That time will soon be upon us. But for now I must yet abide within the raiments of academia. But soon the author shall rise once again.

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