Review: Infinity Blade Awakening by Brandon Sanderson

Infinity Blade: AwakeningInfinity Blade: Awakening by Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I first heard of Brandon Sanderson when he took up the mantle to complete the Wheel of Time series, although this would be the first of his work that I’ve read. Infinity Blade starts off with a simple premise. A young warrior has spent his life in training to undergo a quest that his forefathers have all undergone; to engage the God-King in single combat. But when Siris reaches the end of his journey, something unexpected happens. He succeeds in slaying the God-King and returns home alive. That’s when everything goes pear shaped for Siris. Nothing makes sense any more. His village treated him like a hero whilst he was in training, but now that he has succeeded in what he trained for, they treat him as if he is cursed or carrying the plague. People who should be helping him keep trying to kill him. He’s experiencing schizophrenic urges and worst of all, the God-King has resurrected.
The title ‘Infinity Blade’ will sound familiar to many people. I know it did for me. That’s partly why I downloaded it. I read the first two chapters and got the impression that it was a sequel. I went back to the Kindle store to check and only found a strategy guide that suggested that Infinity Blade is a game for iOS (Apple’s operating system). Here’s the remarkable thing. The game, although technically an achievement considering its designed for a phone, was very thin on plot beyond the basic concept. Sanderson has taken the bare-bones and turned it into a rich world that is immediately memorable. Its like started a blazing fire with a spark from two stones.
Infinity Blade Awakening is not really a sequel, its more of an interval to fill the gap between the two instalments of the game. The story itself isn’t too long but it showcases Sanderson’s ability to write like any of my favourite heroic fantasy authors. My only downer is that this is a standalone. I really would have loved to have read a novelization by Sanderson from the beginning of this epic journey. I will definitely be looking out for other books by this author.
Does anyone have any suggestions of where I can start?

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