Book Reviews – New Policy and Reviewing Template

wpid-gamersfront-192x300.jpgI’ve been reviewing books for two years now and have been approached for reviews by indie authors, publicists and even a few named authors. In my day job I’m a Chief Exec of a not-for-profit organisation, and as a matter of course, I tend to review my organisational policies every year. So why not carry that professionalism over to my reviews.

I’m still not taking on books that contain erotica, OTT violence and/or excessively foul language and repugnant themes. I still don’t read paranormal romance, although I have read the Twilight books and the first of the Mortal Instruments books. My reviews are still honest (at times brutally so), so take the time to read past reviews before sending something in. I have high expectations of indies, and a book that isn’t edited professionally won’t cut it most days of the week. Do read my Book Review Policy as it sets out exactly how to submit a book for review. Any deviation from the policy will just annoy me and make it less likely that I will say yes to your book. And remember, there is only one of me, and I can only review around 30 books a year, so sometimes I will say no, even when you think I should say yes.


If a bunch of my subscribers think I should check out a book, I will take the time to download a sample from Kindle or Nook and if I like it, will contact the author and see if they are interested in a review to send me a copy. If its really good, I will even go as far as buying a copy.

If I review a book and it scores less than 3 stars, I will still post the review here, but won’t post it on any of the purchasing sites.

I will now accept JPEG/GIF files of the book cover to feature with the review.

My reviews will be structured as follows:

  • Title:
  • Author:
  • Genre:
  • Length:
  • Hook
  • Plot Summary
  • Setting
  • Characterisation
  • Writing
  • Final Thoughts


If you don’t want to miss a review, please consider Following my blog. I’m also on Facebook (look right) and welcome discussion with readers and writers. If you feel strongly about something I’ve said, or have read the book and want to share your thoughts , please do leave a comment as the author of that book is very likely to read the comments too and may even respond to questions about the book. Finally, my own book, The Changeling King is available to buy in ebook and print formats. click to find out more.

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