Book Review: Quit Your Day Job, by HP Mallory

Quit Your Day Job Book CoverRating: 4/5


HP Mallory is one of the big success stories of the self-publishing world, having masterminded her own ascent to becoming a Kindle Bestselling Author. In this book, Mallory shares some of the secrets that helped her increase her reader base exponentially.

The book features chapters on how to list your book properly on purchasing sites, how to build up a social media following, how to use Google to improve your understanding of your market, how to approach book reviewers (which was an interesting read for me). There are also contributions from PubIt, Smashwords and a number of other services, including Goodreads that offer support and marketing tools for self-publishing authors.

Mallory utilizes a conversational voice, speaking directly to other writers as equals, or even comrades, rather than the patronising tone that more traditional ‘how-to’  books may affect. Mallory illustrates a good knowledge of IT and is clearly speaking from experience. The structure of the book flows naturally, from subject to subject, and Mallory uses examples of how she has gone about doing what she does so well. Each chapter concludes with a recounting of the most salient points and practical actions to take.

Quit Your Day Job comes across as a genuine attempt by an author who has met success trying to share best practice with other writers. Mallory is very generous in sharing her best tips and personifies the camaraderie of writers supporting each other. I highly recommend this book to all writers thinking of self-publishing their novel, as a way of understanding what it takes to make it in the field. I myself will be keeping this in my current reads carousel as a reference book to refer to as a checklist whenever I have a book published, self-published or traditionally.

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