Interview: Elbert Lim, Artist

Suited figure with sheep's headLong time followers will be aware that as well as writing book reviews, I also write fiction (surprise!). My latest contribution to the world comes in the form of a Young Adult adventure story (with elements of mystery and mysticism), titled The Adventures of Some Kid. The protagonist, Zach Caan is a regular kid who is only remarkable for being completely unremarkable . . . really, even his parents forget sometimes that he exists . . . who unwittingly gets involved one of the strangest adventures a person can have in modern times.

Today, I want to announce and introduce that I will be working with Deviant artist, Elbert Lim, of Singapore. In order for you to get to know Elbert, I put together a few questions for him and asked him to share some of his favorite pieces of work with us (click on images to see larger images).


Who is your favorite artist and why?
This is actually tough, but In terms of purely Artwork influence I would have to go with Ashley Wood, Yoji Shinkawa & Salvatore Dali, they’re all painters from different walks of life but they share 1 thing in common – their passion & uncanny ability in channeling freedom of expressions in artworks.

Do you work from life, or from photographs or from imagination?
I mostly work from photograph & imaginations now, not so much life references anymore since I purchased my digital toys and what not, but I hope to regain some of my human touch soon and head back to canvas painting at a sunny park πŸ™‚


What moves you most in life, either to inspire or upset you?
Might be a little bit geeky, but it was the couple of years that I discovered The Beatles and then Pink Floyd & Jazz music and everything in between/ after (in that order), it was like an insane surge of clarity where you gradually discovers the secret of the universe, its inspiring to know there are such people who creates such artistry in the world.

Oh, and my girlfriend of course – she does both occasionally πŸ˜€

Elbert's girlfriend

Where do you feel your art is going?
I’m always working towards finding ways to realize visions – either of my own or someone else’s in the most truthful yet artistic way I possibly could present it in.

Boy with cityscape projecting from his mind

What appealed to you about The Adventures of Some Kid?
The beauty of having a kid protagonist is the fact that we were all in that shoe before, Hell, I know for sure I’m still one (trapped in this not so kiddish’ body). So I think this type of story is something everyone can absolutely relate to or be nostalgic about.

What is your favourite piece that you have worked on, other than the cover art for Adventures of Some Kid?
I worked on Cosmic Couch, an indie iPad game during Dare To Be Digital competition as the Lead artist/ Director. Bearing similarity to The Adventures of Some Kid, its a visual-narrative driven story of a boy who wants to get out of Earth & reach the Sun, which in retrospect was & still is spiritually parallel to how I actually feel.

Boy swinging from moon

What technique do you use?
I’m still trying in search for the killer way to paint efficiently yet beautiful, but for now I’m just perfecting my 4 Steps paint technique which involves; Line draw > Toning > Color & Details > Filtering.

Which is more important to you, the subject of your painting, or the way it is executed?
Definitely 200% the way it is executed for me. Any subject, interesting or not, can all be altered to express different outcomes by the way they are constructed as paintings. This is what fascinates me most about Conceptual art and Surrealism as they mostly depict normal objects in a twist of event or context to form mind-boggling pieces of art.

Thank you, Elbert. We’re all going to be looking forward to when the cover art is revealed. Here’s to the start of something beautiful.

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