Cover Reveal: The Adventures of Some Kid

book cover featuring a young boy  in the foreground looking at a pyramid rising up from a jungle
Cover by Elbert Lim

So here it is after long last, the cover art for The Adventures of Some Kid. To introduce it properly, I’ve invited the artist, Elbert Lim, to say a few words about it. Over to you, Elbert.

“First of all, this shot wouldn’t be conceived if it were not for the beauty of Noor’s storytelling – it’s loosely inspired by a scene which I will not be spoiling obviously. It is however not the only one, there were number of times when I went through the draft constantly telling myself “That’d be a great scene to paint” & frantically scribbled the page down somewhere – to me its a sign of a great book when I get excited on visualizing a really cool scene rather vividly like that. So I hope that I’ve done justice to the excellent job that Noor has done on cooking up this adventure.

“In terms of the composition of the cover – I wanted to emulate some sort of perspective from Zach’s point of view & state of mind; finding himself peeking around, sneaking through jungle foliage for some reason, unsure of the situation up ahead, yet his torch boldly radiates light in this ethereal Aztec setting just like he is throughout the story. This is what I love about it, the fact that Zach isn’t some all-capable hero or an overly smart kid that somehow just knows what to do, he gets scared and gets hurt – he is a reminder of what all of us used to be, just some kid.”

Enjoy the artwork and keep an eye out for more news about the book’s release.

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