Predicting the Future 

The last time I made a prediction about the future was in 2010. I predicted that this decade would be dominated by robotics and AI, and that by the later half of the decade domestic robots would be common place. So half right isn’t bad, and we still have a few years left.

My new prediction is to do with the future of transport, which is topical because Uber have just made announcements relating to flying cars and a VP at GM has said there is no future for cars.

I believe that there is a future for cars. I believe companies like Google, Apple and other monster conglomerates will have a big hand in it. Owning vehicles will go the same way as buying music and other media. Eventually the world will come to accept that self-driving cars are far safer than the traditional kind. People will subscribe to an automated driving service, with the amount you pay reflecting the quality of the car and the crime and antisocial behaviour statistics of your local area. Insurance and fuel costs will become strictly business to business costs.

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