Writer in Hiatus

No, hiatus isn’t a tropical island. Its that shitty place that we sometime find ourselves when life, writer’s block and laziness gets in the way of getting things done.

Its not like I don’t have ideas to write up, if anything, I have too many ideas to chase, its been like that for the last 5 years or so, things have kept coming up, e.g. life events, career changes and a return to education. I have begun possibly my last bit of formal education (a Doctorate), which will mean that I will be able to cross that of my life goals list.

I’d share some of my story ideas here, but I am getting paranoid in my middle years. I’m pretty sure DC and Mortal Kombat have stolen a few of my character designs through neural transfer of some kind. Or maybe they just beamed the ideas directly out of my head. Or perhaps I was just a stupid kid who sent my character designs to a number of competitions and did not think that I could become a victim of IP theft.

Either way, I’m not expecting to produce any substantial piece of fiction in the next few years. That doesn’t mean I won’t be inclined to write. It just means I have no concrete plans to do so. Not writing is difficult for a writer. When you get ideas buzzing in your head it gets hard to sleep.

Ah well. Until next time folks . . .