Two weeks have passed in lockdown. At some point tonight the death toll will exceed 3000. Amongst their number was a retired doctor, Alfa Saadu, of Nigerian descent who had come back to help with COVID 19. The end of this nightmare is nowhere in sight. And yet people persist in flaunting the lockdown orders, ignoring social distancing and spreading unhelpful rumors.

On the other hand, the monotony of being in lockdown is having its own unwanted effects. People are going to start getting a little stir crazy. There was a story yesterday of a man who has been accused of killing his wife in Wales.

The things that keep us sane can also cause us to behave irrationally. Routine is good for getting through the week but a little spontaneity can help keep things fresh. Therefore sometimes it’s good to break from routine.

I fantasised about going for a drive today. I didn’t. I fantasised about going in to college. I didn’t. What I did do was record another lecture and then sent off my ethics application.

Dinner was rice and aloo matar (potato and pea curry). Its a peasant dish, but good simple food is what you need sometimes. Today’s silver lining was that my mother sent me a jar of Decaf and a packet of biscuits with instructions to have one cup with two biscuits everyday. Just like I did everyday before the lockdown when I would go visit her.

May God watch over all the mothers out there and bless the doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters and police officers who are out there doing their best for us.

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