Book Review Policy


Please note that whilst I strive  to maintain objectivity in my reviews, occasionally some texts will evoke a stronger response than others, and that all reviews on this website are my own personal opinion. By asking me to review your book you are suggesting that you have every confidence in your ability as an author and that you have done everything you can to ensure that this is an enjoyable read. Do not be shocked however if I don’t agree with you. Take the time to read some of my reviews (especially the ones that did not score highly), before sending me your beloved manuscript.

I’m mostly interested in reading (and therefore reviewing) Fantasy fiction and exceptionally good science fiction too, particularly YA. I will review every book I read (unless I dislike it so much that I can’t even finish it). All book reviews will be posted on my blog, on Goodreads and I’m open to books traditionally published or self-published, preferably in ebook format (epub or Kindle). Advance copies are especially welcome.


  • Books featuring erotica (and its harder derivatives)
  • Books with OTT violence and gore
  • Books with excessive foul language
  • Lack of attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Email me the title, genre and word-length, a one-page synopsis and the first chapter, at nasrullah(at)trollking(dot)co(dot)uk
  • Its easier for me to read your sample chapter and synopsis if its pasted into the email
  • Do attach a JPEG image of your book cover (200 x 300 pixels) or any other artwork  (1400 x 700 pixels maximum)
  • I will then respond to your email to confirm whether I’m interested in reading and reviewing your book, with an estimated time of when the review will be published (I am a busy man).
  • Only after you are requested to, send me your book (or voucher code and link)
  • I will email you when your review goes live.


The general composition of my reviews is as follows:

  • Hook (i.e. what caught my attention)
  • Plot Summary
  • Setting
  • Characterization
  • Writing (style, structure, etc)
  • Final Thoughts

I don’t generally read paranormal romances normally, so unless your name is Stephanie Meyers, please do not send me any. If I start reading a book and don’t like it after the first three chapters, I will not review. I don’t like giving bad reviews but if I read a book through and found some glaring problems with it, don’t expect a good review!

NEW POLICY: I won’t post reviews that scored less than 3/5 on purchasing sites. Please also note that on Amazon, due to their interpretation of star rating, a 2 star rating on my site is the equivalent of a 3 star on amazon.


1 star = didn’t like it but is readable

2 stars = liked it

3 stars = loved it but it could be better

4 star = excellent read (you are now one of my favourite authors)

5 star =instant classic (take your place amongst the greats)

One final condition: Its up to you to promote the review to your friends, followers and fans. Otherwise, what’s the point?


  1. Saphia

    “I don’t read paranormal romances normally, so unless your name is Stephanie Meyers, please do not send me any.”

    ROFL :’D

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