SFWA Short Story Bundle

A bundle so packed full of space opera we had to assemble it in orbit. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) joins with 18 different Authors in a massive 17 book storybundle to warp the spacetime of readers everywhere. Featuring New York Times Bestselling authors Michael Cooper, Mike Shepard, and Felix R. […]

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Predicting the Future 

The last time I made a prediction about the future was in 2010. I predicted that this decade would be dominated by robotics and AI, and that by the later half of the decade domestic robots would be common place. So half right isn’t bad, and we still have a few years left. My new […]

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Author in Transition

  I know. I’ve been neglecting you. I could give you a list of reasons, all of them good, logical, honest and inadequate. The truth is that I have been writing intermittently; switching projects, writing new stuff, writing old stuff, then writing some more new stuff. I have been in-between different jobs in my other […]

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Hero Syndrome

A friend of mine posed a question on Facebook about who are our favourite fictional heroes. The archetypal hero is tall, handsome, square-jawed, muscular, white and male. He charges to the rescue without a second thought and heroically goes about looking for damsels in distress and no-gooders up to no good. Think Kevin Sorbo’s Hercules […]

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