The Guardian: I found all my childhood heroes in fantasy novels

Here is a fantastic article that rang very true to my own childhood. My reading back then included the Narnia books, Chronicles of Prydain, Fighting Fantasy, Choose your own adventure, Famous Five, Tintin and Asterix. Check it out here: The Guardian: I found all my childhood heroes in fantasy novels.

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Writer in Hiatus

No, hiatus isn’t a tropical island. Its that shitty place that we sometime find ourselves when life, writer’s block and laziness gets in the way of getting things done. Its not like I don’t have ideas to write up, if anything, I have too many ideas to chase, its been like that for the last […]

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BioWare’s Anthem First Play

Its the open weekend for BioWare’s new IP, Anthem, and I, like any good gamer, took the opportunity to dip and test the waters. My first impressions were that it reminded me of Warframe. That is until I worked out how to fly. After that, I felt like Iron Man. Comparisons to Bungie’s Destiny franchise […]

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SFWA Short Story Bundle

A bundle so packed full of space opera we had to assemble it in orbit. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) joins with 18 different Authors in a massive 17 book storybundle to warp the spacetime of readers everywhere. Featuring New York Times Bestselling authors Michael Cooper, Mike Shepard, and Felix R. […]

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Predicting the Future 

The last time I made a prediction about the future was in 2010. I predicted that this decade would be dominated by robotics and AI, and that by the later half of the decade domestic robots would be common place. So half right isn’t bad, and we still have a few years left. My new […]

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Author in Transition

  I know. I’ve been neglecting you. I could give you a list of reasons, all of them good, logical, honest and inadequate. The truth is that I have been writing intermittently; switching projects, writing new stuff, writing old stuff, then writing some more new stuff. I have been in-between different jobs in my other […]

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