Over 20,000 dead in UK hospitals as a result of Coronavirus. Its hard to comprehend what that number means. Think of it like this; on average we each meet 20,000 across our lifetime. So, to put it into understandable terms, imagine every person that you have ever met and that you may yet mean have […]


COVID DIARY: DAY 36, First Iftar

This year, like every year, we endeavoured to eat simple, light food for iftar (breaking of the fast). As usual the first iftar saw our tablecloth laden with food. We made aloo tikkis and mint chutney at home, with a pineapple crumble and custard for dessert. We also had pilau rice, pakoras and sweet rice […]

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COVID DIARY: DAY 35, Ramadan Begins

It is the first night of Ramadan. A month full of blessings and opportunities to accrue virtues. During this month Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. This entails refraining from eating, drinking and cohabitation with one’s spouse. The reason we fast is simply to gain the pleasure of the Lord Almighty. There are many benefits […]

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COVID DIARY: DAY 32 Back to Work

No I haven’t broken the lockdown. I’m still working from home. Our Easter holidays are over and we’re back to teaching. Today’s lesson was on resilience. Is it inherent or does it develop over time? Do you have more by passing through adversity or by having a good, stable upbringing? The jury is out on […]

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COVID DIARY: DAY 30 and 31

I took a break. Sue me. Its now been a full calendar month in lockdown. The only sun we’ve had is in the backyard. I spent an hour lounging on some cushions, the sun freckling my face as I read Superman: Savage Dawn. My wife and I have been working out with dumbells following HASFit […]

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The problem with taking time off from work or studying is the build up of cobwebs in the mind. The cobwebs are figuratively the blockages that prevent the free flow of thoughts and ideas. It’s that wooliness you experience when you get back to whatever it is you do. You start procrastinating and finding useless […]

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