It’s been a long time since my last post. The days started to roll together. Days became weeks. Weeks became a month. The world slowly shifted. Darkness is all around us. After all this time the UK is about to lift more restrictions, allowing many more businesses to reopen and families to reunite. However, the […]

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COVID DIARY: DAY 56, Pyjamas

In the not too distant future people are going to be talking about the time before pyjamas. When people used to wear uncomfortable things like trousers, pencil skirts, blazers and ties for work. Then they would come home and wear slightly more comfortable things like jeans, or evening wear to go out. Luckily the Great […]

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Does anyone remember these things that people used to wear on their feet? They had all sorts of names for them: shoes, boots, moccasins, wellies, trainers, sneakers, heels, platforms, pumps, high tops, mules, cloggs and even crocs. People were strange back then. They’d wear shoes to go to work. They’d come home and put trainers […]

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COVID DIARY: DAY 54, The Crazies

Things are getting strange in the UK. We have a Prime Minister who nearly died from Covid-19 that wants people to start going back to work if they can. He believes Reception pupils are the most likely to follow social distancing rules that’s why they are the first to be going back in June. Then […]

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Is that date right! 😱 We’ve been in lockdown for 50 days! That is so significant that it doesn’t even need a subtitle! There’s a bunch of other significant numbers to consider too. It’s 2 weeks into Ramadan, so we are basically half way through. Today is the 75th Anniversary of VE day. Thanks to […]


COVID DIARY: DAY 47, Mental Health

The rot is starting to settle in. We’re into our eight week of the lockdown. We’ve had the most deaths in Europe (clearly herd immunity was the wrong way to go). Its at this stage that people are going to start displaying mental health issues induced by isolation. Even the most antisocial person needs some […]

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