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The Changeling King

The Changeling King (Trollking Sage #1)

ISBN: 9781471745041, ASIN: B007CZWOV4

One summer, four teenagers disappear whilst swimming in a remote lake. Everyone believes it’s a tragic accident. Adam Phelp, the only survivor knows otherwise. Now he is being hunted by mythical monsters. Assigned to protect him, Detective Karen Rainbow is his only ally.
Vasch has been sent to Earth to assassinate Adam. But everything from the atmosphere to mutiny in the ranks is working against him.
Nathan Celic‘s last memory is of drowning. Now he and his friends find themselves on an alien world. They must cross dangerous terrain, outsmart deceitful allies and battle murderous enemies, if they are ever to return home.
Sultan, a Mughal Prince, witnesses the murder of his father, but evades his assassins by crossing the galaxy via mystical means, only to be captured by monsters.
But the trials of their individual journey are nothing compared to what lies at journey’s end.

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book cover featuring a young boy in the foreground looking at a pyramid rising up from a jungle
Cover by Elbert Lim
The Advenutres of Some Kid
ISBN: 9781311089823
ZACH CAAN isn’t a boy wizard, a super spy or a vampire’s assistant. He doesn’t have any super powers, martial arts training or cool gadgets. In fact there is nothing remarkable about him at all. He’s just some kid.
But when he boards Flight X4573, he embarks on the most unlikely adventure a person can experience in the twenty-first century. Pirates, lost tribes of Aztec warriors and mysterious islands are not usually part of his daily routine. and when it’s all over and his classmates read about him in the national newspapers, they will have great difficulty in believing that it actually happened to him.
You see, nothing ever really happens to Zach Caan. That is, until now.
Available on Amazon.

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