The Tingle

I know what you’re thinking. What on earth is the tingle? If you read my recent post on phases you’ll know that I’m currently in academic gear (driving analogy, not clothing). But over the last few days I’ve started to experience a not too unfamiliar sensation that tells me I should be doing something, almost […]

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I think people go through a cycle of phases, of doing things that they love, but really going at it for a while before lapsing for a while. Take me for example. I’ve been working my behind off for the last month on writing my Masters dissertation and have done no other writing whatsoever. Even […]

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Live Again

After a couple of weeks of trying to transition from the old site, which still exists in the ether, I have finally managed to configure the trollking web address to the blog site and set up my email using Google Apps. So hopefully you can continue to visit for book reviews and news about my […]

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It’s All Too Much?

Do you every get the feeling that you may be doing too much? Writing is the one thing that I would say I love doing the most, and yet of late I haven’t been putting fingers to moulded plastic keys as much as I should. I’m working on a new novel and the plot has […]

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  My son turned 4 this week. I bought him a World War Hulk action figure (he’s a big Hulk fan). He played with it all day and went to sleep clutching it in his hand. But as my children get older, so do I (33 at the time of writing this post). Only a […]

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Where’s It Going?

Where’s what going? Fiction. What nepw mediums are going to evolve in the coming years to provide new ways of consuming stories? I’ve just finished playing through Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 and found myself thinking ‘that was a well told story’. A rare handful of games transcend the restriction of their medium to […]

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What’s Important?

I read today’s Daily Kick by David Farland and felt something shift minutely in me. No, its got nothing to do with the functions of my intestines. The post was about protecting your writing time, but he also touched on priorities; family being number one. I realise that I spend what little free time I […]

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