Poetry Workshop

To mark the annual occasion of the Islamic Night of Ascension, I led a creative writing workshop (as part of my day job) with a group of Year 6 students (erm, aged 10?) from two Burnley primary schools, St Peter’s and St Johns. The group was a mixture of boys and girls of White and Asian backgrounds. The theme was Amazing Journeys. I read out some poems by Tolkien, Li Po and myself and led them through a number of exercises to come up with four poems. A short piece of blank verse made up words related to ‘Journey’, two acrostic poems (one with their name and one with a travel word) and finally a poem based on a journey they’ve experienced (real or dreamt), made up of four stanzas, each containing four lines. The kids enjoyed the day and actually had fun writing. For me, personally, I wasn’t sure I could teach kids their age creative writing. I guess I was wrong. Its never too early to start writing. And never too late.


About noorajahangir

Author of the Changeling King and Adventures of Some Kid. Writer of fantasy and sf fiction.

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