Poetry Workshop

To mark the annual occasion of the Islamic Night of Ascension, I led a creative writing workshop (as part of my day job) with a group of Year 6 students (erm, aged 10?) from two Burnley primary schools, St Peter’s and St Johns. The group was a mixture of boys and girls of White and Asian backgrounds. The theme was Amazing Journeys. I read out some poems by Tolkien, Li Po and myself and led them through a number of exercises to come up with four poems. A short piece of blank verse made up words related to ‘Journey’, two acrostic poems (one with their name and one with a travel word) and finally a poem based on a journey they’ve experienced (real or dreamt), made up of four stanzas, each containing four lines. The kids enjoyed the day and actually had fun writing. For me, personally, I wasn’t sure I could teach kids their age creative writing. I guess I was wrong. Its never too early to start writing. And never too late.

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