Islamic Art – Windows Live

Writing is really busy at the moment but I’ve found time to start a new hobby (in addition to reading books and playing videogames). Originally, the idea was to find my wife something to help distract her from the tedium of housework and child-rearing. See expressed an interest in art so I went out an bought her some canvas, acrylic paint and a set of brushes. A few weeks later and the art stuff was still sitting around. So in order to get her started, I pulled out all the stuff, propped a canvas on our little round coffee table and started to paint a piece myself. Inspired by the following Qur’anic verses: 

"God is the Light of the heavens and the earth;
The similitude of His Light is as if there were a niche;
And within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass;
The glass as it were a glittering star;
Lit from a Blessed Tree;
An Olive, neither of the East nor of the West;
Whose oil is nigh luminous, though no fire has touched it;
Light upon Light!  God guides to His Light whom He wills.
And God strikes similitude’s for men, and God has knowledge of everything"

I produced my first piece of Islamic art, a wind swept olive tree growing on the side of a mountain, with a glass lantern hanging from its boughs.


A week later, not dwelling on the fact that the art stuff is for my wife, I began my second project; a stylised painting of the Sulemaniya Mosque in Istanbul, also known as the blue mosque. An episode of Dr Who that featured a troubled Vincent Van Gogh helped to inspire the slightly fantastical version of the amazing building.


Larger versions of both of these paintings can be viewed at, in my defence, the original canvas versions look much better than the photographed versions.

Islamic Art – Windows Live

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