Hello world!

There’s been some changes with the way my blog is brought to you. Microsoft are transferring their Live Spaces blogging facility to the care of WordPress, hence all future blogs will originate here. But there is a huge plus with using WordPress, and that is the freedom offered by all the different tools that are available to enrich the blog material. Also, it’s a lot easier on the eyes too.

If you’re new to my blog (or website, depending on where you’re picking this up), it’s an attempt to capture the trials and tribulations of being an author in the era of the economic downturn, trying to get the first novel published. Past blogs are available at my website www.trollking.co.uk.

In other news, I recently enrolled onto the MA Community Leadership programme at the University of Central Lancashire. What this means for you folks is that there is a good possibility that my blogs may become a little infrequent, or worse, I might start boring you with academic stuff. There is an Android App for WordPress, so it could mean more blogs but shorter, with a lot more spelling mistakes than usual.

I’m working on a short-story at the moment but I don’t want to give the plot away just yet. The deadline for the Times Chicken House Competition is drawing ever closer, luckily my entry has already been received. The Brit Writers Award Unpublished 2011 is now open for submissions. By the way, we are still looking for more submissions for Seven Earths, so please do send them in.

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