2011 – The Future?

First off, the chocolate keyboard doesn’t have much of anything to do with today’s blog. It’s a nebulas link bringing together writing (blog and the wider sense) and a common new years resolution of stop eating chocolate. In fact dieting is the number one resolution for most people. The second being to write a book. If all keyboards were made of chocolate, both of those resolutions wouldn’t last long, because we’d all be to busy chewing out keyboards rather than writing. By the way, hygiene notice, keyboards have more germs than a toilet seat. So don’t eat it; even if it is made of chocolate.

2010 introduced 3D televisions and tablet computers to the world. As long as you have to wear goggles, 3D is going to be a gimic. Luckily, Toshiba have come up with a glasses free laptop, showing at CES 2011. Tablet computers are really just big Iphones that don’t make calls, or android phones (one of at least that does make calls, i.e. Samsung Portal) with HTC coming soon to the market too. My predictions are that the next big leaps in technology are going to be in robotics, i.e. a domestic-robot in every home (a la NS5’s from iRobot) and the production of cheaper and more portable fuel-cell technology within the next five years. But then it doesn’t take a futurologist to come up with that.

My hopes for 2011 are pretty much the same as they have been for the past few years. Publication of my novels to great success, pay off my debts and lose weight. So, the same as everyone else then.

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