Waaaaaah!!! Nobody Want’s to Play With Me!

Hope you’re all doing well so far in the new year. Life sucks in the UK at the moment, with our new nazi prime minister cutting funding left, right and centre, leaving us with a skeleton service at a local level, lots of unemployed people, non-profits going bust and no tax-cuts to reflect the lack of employment, hike-up in VAT and the rising inflation.

To make matters worse, I didn’t make the shortlist for the Times Chicken House 2011 Competition. As usual, I went through a bout of depression (compounded by the fact that my doctor changed by diabetes medication, which sent my sugar levels shooting again. It took a radical diet change and a sustainable exercise program to bring it back down) and seriously considered committing self-publishing. I’ve spent a manic week reading up ‘how to’ articles on self-publishing, scouring self-publishing sites like Lulu.com and even doing mock-ups of what my book cover would look like. You’ll be pleased to hear that I have stopped frothing at the mouth and put the self-publishing plan back on hold. I’ve got the Writers of Extraordinary Vision group to thank for the chill pill.

In regards to self-publishing, it seems that there is a rather unfair bias against writers who go down this route. If you look at the film and music industry, it is much more acceptable to go down the self-production route, with a thriving indi scene in both industries. People even use it to get noticed. In the literary world, self-publishing is like writing your professional suicide note. Why is that? Not getting a mainstream publisher isn’t always an indication that your book sucks or you can’t write (although admittedly sometimes it is). It could be that the publisher’s lists are full for the next couple of years, or the topic/theme of the book isn’t trending at the moment or there could be a big horrible recession that’s put the fear of going bust into publishers. Thoughts please?

I’ve finished draft 2 of the Adventures of Some Kid and am planning on doing some market tests before I start draft 3. I’m hoping a local secondary school I did a creative writing class for will help me out with that. Also, I’m delivering a creative writing workshop on writing Sf at my local primary school. I’ve started work on a new book (working title Farmers & Soldiers) but that’s going to take sometime.

Currently, I’m reading Robert Jordan’s The Great Hunt and playing Red Dead Redemption and the Killzone 3 Beta. Both are awesome.

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