Keeping up Appearances

Whilst going through my short story folder, I realised that I haven’t really been pushing much or writing much new stuff. I’ve been so focused on working on my novels that I haven’t given much thought to shorter fiction. Now I recall that David Farland mentioned in a recent post that a writer needs to keep a mix range of income coming through if you want to live off writing. It’s quite clear that I’m not living off mine. Thank God for the day job. But in these austere times it wouldn’t hurt to try and create a steady revenue from writing.
As a first action to stay in the loop of what markets are open to submission, I’ve signed up with They do a regular news update on the markets and also provide a tool for tracking submissions.
Also, those of you who live in lancashire, and read the evening telegraph will have also seen the article on my writing by Nafeesa Shan. Although she made a few mistakes, including getting my genre wrong (and by the way its spelt sf not sci-fi), I mainly write fantasy, but not exclusively. But I forgive her the few mistakes, after all, its free publicity.
I’ve submitted a few stories to a number of anthologies that are due out in summer, under a different pen name. They’re all adult gothic horror.
I’m looking forward to killzone 3 which releases in a couple of days, and will definitely cut into my writing time, at least for a few weeks. I’ve been playing Gears of War, an Xbox 360 original that I’ve wanted to play for a while. It’s a lot more tactical than its given credit for and the story, though no halo, plays out well. The action is relentless and the co-op mode fun.
I’m still reading Robert Jordan, but word is that the new Raymond Fiest book is out and receiving good reviews.

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