The Dvargar of Amundborg

The Dvargar of Amundborg is like an appendix to The Changeling King. It follows the story of Lord Gillieron and Lady Merenwen, as they journey into dvargar land to the mountain fortress Amundborg (featured on the cover art). It was originally one of the story arcs from The Changeling King but was cut due to the need to bring the word length to a more commercially viable length and to reduce the number of point-of-view characters. Although the story covers an important event and also helps build a better picture of the diversity of the world of the Trollking, it wasn’t essential to relate the main story. The story begins just after the Nathan, Logan, Salina and Katrina set off from Alvorn Reach. Lord Gillieron and Lady Merenwen are on a mission to win the support of the dvargarn kings, to lay siege to the Trollking’s capital, Ranush and ends just before the great battle. There’s no spoilers in it for The Changeling King, so you don’t have to wait until you finished it before you read this. But that’s up to you. Its going to be exclusively available to read at the Seven Earths website for a few weeks before being released as a free download on Smashwords and the Kindle store. So go ahead and enjoy.

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