Review: John Lenahan’s Shadowmagic

ShadowmagicShadowmagic by John Lenahan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m gonna come clean on this one. I downloaded this book for two reasons, it was for 49p and it sounded similar to The Changeling King. Initially, I didn’t like it. The hero is supposed to be in his late teens or something, but his ‘voice’ comes across as being a lot younger. Also, I don’t normally go for first-person narrative, it’s not my thing. That said, as I read on, I was kind of drawn into the charm of this book. It’s not that its brilliantly written or that the plot is intense or anything . . . it’s just . . . kind of . . . charming.
The basic storyline goes as follows, Conor and his one-handed dad are attacked and captured at their home by two of the fair-folk. When they wake up, they find themselves in the dungeons of their ancestral home; in Tir-Na-Nog. Their captors are Conor’s evil uncle and misguided aunt. Luckily, their jail-breaked by none other than Conor’s mum, a woman who was banished by his late grandfather for using Shadowmagic. Conor soon realises that everyone, besides his parents and their loyal supporters, because of some prophecy that states to save the Land the son of the one-handed prince must be sacrificed, is trying to kill him. Conor’s dad is the one-handed prince.
My biggest problem with this story is that it feels like the writing has been dumbed down and the plot simplified for young adults who don’t like reading. If you can get past that and the lead-balloon humor, you will find that the tale has its own charm (sorry).
For 49p this is a bargain light read and ‘charming’ enough to make me consider buying the sequel, especially if it’s at a similar price.

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