Review: Elizabeth C Mock’s Render

Render (The Children of Man, #2)Render by Elizabeth C. Mock
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Render is the second book in Elizabeth C. Mock’s Children of Men series. It continues the story of Faela, Kade and Jair, the three Hands of Lior, agents of change who are chosen whenever a great need arises in the land. One of their companions, Eve, has turned against them to protect her boyfriend, a man who previously broke her heart, Lucian. Eve returns to the head of her Order, Tomas, and reveals Faela, Kade and Jair’s secret. The three on the other hand learn more about their destiny and set out on a mission to collect the journals of previous Hands, which takes them across the continent with the aid of Sheridan (Eve’s twin sister) through her ‘popping’ ability.
The cover features Kade (I believe) and beautifully rendered in an earthy palette. The story opens in a manner that assumes you’ve read the first one. I very much recommend that you do read this series in order, otherwise the character relationships and issues won’t make sense.
The writing is as good, if not somewhat better than Shatter. The plot unfolds with enough twists and turns to keep you interested, despite its length, and the characters are distinct and likeable enough to keep your interest vested in their well-fair. I got the sense that Mock is ruthless enough to put her characters through hell and even kill them (based on previous events) and therefore the reader experiences a genuine concern for the characters.
The banter between the characters is still a little annoying, but not as much as in the original. Having read the first two books, I think Mock has done enough here to ensure that I will buy the next book in the series too.
This is a genuine gem of book and stands out head and shoulders above most of the other independently published ebooks currently available. Its also out in paperback.

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