Christmas Message

So . . . 2011 . . . What a year, right? The year started with funding cuts and job losses in the public and third sector, with only the Royal Wedding to distract us and lighten the mood. Natural disasters seem to have become a permanent annual fixture. News of a single, white, male at the center of the Norway Tragedy rocked the world and made us reassess the public perception of what a terrorist looks like. Famine has returned to Africa, whilst the rest of the world is being punished for over-indulgence with economies teetering on melt-down. The News of the World has closed shop following the whole wire-tap Murdoch Affair. The Middle-East has always been a troubled part of the world, but with the Arab Spring Uprising, dictators have been toppled by their own people, whilst our own cities so rioting and open looting on the streets. The 00’s look almost peaceful in comparison. With all this discord and chaos in the world, I think we need these holiday weeks to meditate and reflect on what is important and how we can bring some harmony back into the world. Start small. Don’t just do your bit for the environment, but be conscious and considerate in how you impact the world and people around you. Educate your children on the responsibility we have towards each other and this planet that we are custodians of. Those of us who are lucky enough to hot food on the table everyday and warm and comfortable shelter to reside, spend of your money in aiding those around the world who lack even clean water. Many take the easy way out and blame God for our troubles. But if you look carefully, it is we who are to blame for the neglect. Therefore it is we who must seek to remedy the situation, through prayers and action.

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