Book Review: Frags by Thomas K Carpenter

Frags (Gamers #2)Frags by Thomas K. Carpenter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Frags is the sequel to Gamers, a book I recently reviewed. It continues to follow the adventures of a former high school student as she traverses a post-apocalyptic dystopian world in search for information that will help her locate her friend, Zaela. Gabby, the heroine of the series and her new friend Mouse have joined the Frags, a disparate group of survivors who operate in the wilderness of the GSA. Together they make a break for the Freelands with the hope that others who have escaped the GSA have information on what happens to those who fail in the LifeGame.
Gabby sums up this book early on with a statement, ‘This is not LifeGame.’ This was a big concern for me because I enjoyed the freshness and originality of the artifice of LifeGame. I needn’t have worried. The cool skin-web can be upgraded with whatever interface is used in any particular area of the Freelands. The downside is that you have to accept the rules and the reality of each area and as such Gabby and the Frags are constantly running into trouble.
The writing is actually a little stronger than the original and the characters are strange and diverse enough to keep the book interesting. Take example the Collector, a man who runs the Game Train, which runs across the length of the Freelands but to ride it you must strike a bargain with the Collector and play the games. If you win, you get off at your stop. If you don’t, well, its time to pay the Collector his due.
This is a solid 4 stars and I highly recommend the series to young adults and fans of steam and cyberpunk.

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