Book Review: Disassemble, Imran Siddiq

Disassemble (Divided Worlds, #2)

Two days ago, Zachary was a nobody scavenger living in the bowels of a research base in space. Then he met a girl from the upper echelons of society and falls in love with her. One day ago, he finds himself the most wanted person on the space station and is being held responsible for the station’s impending doom.
Following on from the events of Disconnect, Zachary is seriously wounded and requires an adrenaline shot every few hours. The girl of his dreams isn’t who he thought she was. The rebels think he’s a hero for a whole 10 minutes before the base’s power goes down. Disassemble follows the events of the next 24 hours in his life.
Although the story is still based on the same space station, Siddiq manages to show parts of it that haven’t been previously covered, managing to make the setting feel fresh and yet familiar.
If you peel away the sf veneer and strip away the element of romance, the story alludes to existential questions, of what it means to be human and the increasing blurred lines of what is right and what is wrong.
As a writer, Siddiq does seemed to have improved since his first novel, but still has a habit of using strange adjective combinations, which did throw me a number of times and even scratching my head trying to work out what he was trying to say. However, he still managed to hold my attention with genuinely good story-telling and pacing. Sometimes using simple words and straight forward descriptions makes for better reading and a more judicious use of words would have scored this one 4 out of 5, but as it stands a sturdy 3 out of 5 is a good showing for this romantic sf.

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