Book Review: Lulu’s advice on Marketing your book

Marketing Your Book for Holiday Sales: Build your audience and sell more books this holiday season with tips from successful authorsMy rating: 3 of 5 stars

Lulu is one of the big self-publishing companies that offers high quality products with clear pricing strategies. It has helped many authors achieve their dream of seeing their name in print and over the years has developed a series of tools and packages to add value to its services.
There are a bunch of books available at the moment (some of which I’ve reviewed in the past) that offer to help writers understand how to market their work. Lulu’s offering takes their experience in the marketplace and access to thousands of authors who have used their services to present a set of ideas and principles.
There’s a lot of good advice here that new authors will find invaluable, and maybe even some pointers and reminders for experienced authors too. None of the content is ground-breaking, but it is presented well, supported by colourful charts and statistics taken from surveys done with some of their more successful authors.
Some authors will find the links promoting Lulu tools and services annoying, but in fairness, Lulu have kept these towards the end of each chapter. So whilst none of the content is going to rock your world, this is a very recommendable booklet that will no doubt prove useful for new authors and those who are new to marketing their own books.

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