Women and Fiction

There is a growing narrative around women and fiction writing which seems to ignore (as usual) fantasy genre writing. Women writers have been producing influential fantasy and sf fiction for a long time that hasn’t been overtly genderised. I’m picturing the dragon emblazoned covers of Melanie Rawn, the awesome War of Light and Shadows by Janny Wurts, and the genre defining work of Le Guin. Women have been strongly represented in the Hugo amd Nebula awards recently, but have been winning since 1968. Granted they represent 30% of awards won, but then the awards have been around a long time and were guilty of gender bias in the past.

This post isn’t about downplaying their struggle for recognition, indeed the women of fantasy and sf should be celebrated. But it is a reminder that discrimination is an issue still. There are those that actively seek to undermine women and writers of colour, but there are also those who discriminate on their own path of gaining validation.

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