Day 11 in the Noor A Jahangir house. After three months of debilitating migraines, Alhamdulillah, I am finally free of them and back to work. Back to work teaching, that is.

I say teaching, but I’m not sure what I did today qualifies. I had a bunch of meetings on Microsoft Teams to catch up with colleagues, check where lessons are up to, recorded a lecture for my students and marked a few assignments. Okay, so maybe it kind of is teaching. It was good talking to my colleagues, seeing that they are okay and so far safe from Covid. It’s fun being a little nosy, peering into the background during video calls, seeing what their homes look like. One colleague was clearly a bibliophile like me, her shelves were groaning with books. Another had guitars hanging on her walls and even played a few bars of music on one for us.

Despite our intentions of surviving on the food we already have in our cupboards, we ran out of fruit today … and promptly went online to place an order. We put all the essentials in our basket, including necessities like Easter eggs, chocolate multi packs, crisps and biscuits. However, when we got to picking delivery slots, there was nothing available for the next three weeks.

However, God saw our need and my sister-in-law rang to ask if we needed anything as my brother was going out on a shopping run. Sensibly, we asked only for fruit. My big brother dropped off a bag of apples, bananas, plums, kiwi fruit and sable grapes. At the bottom of the bag was a surprise for my chocoholic wife; a multi pack of Mars bars.

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