Homemade Scone

So, as the picture suggests, we made scones (pronounced scoooones). We made two batches, traditional and cheese scones. The recipes came from Mary Berry’s Fast Cakes (2018). The book is packed full of delicious recipes, with clear instructions and short cook times.

Cheese scones, good. Regular scones, good. Put your hands together, gooood!
Scone with Strawberry Jam, yummy!

Other than helping the missus do a little baking, I spoke to my students today through various mediums, including a Nearpod live chat board. By chatting, I mean posting images of Baby Yoda randomly throughout the chat. I also got some uni reading started too.

Entertainment wise, I rediscovered Battle Beyond the Stars on Prime. Directed by Jimmy Murakami and starring Richard Thomas from the Waltons. George Peppard (Hannibal from the A-Team), Robert Vaughn (The Magnificent Seven) and John Saxon (Mr. Roper from Enter the Dragon) as the bad guy. Its basically The Seven Samurai meets Star Wars. What it managed to do is put me off from watching anything else I have nostalgic memories of and respecting even more what George Lucas managed to do in 1977 with a relatively small budget.

On a more serious note, the number of deaths in the UK as a result of COVID 19 has shot past the 2000 mark. May God protect us all from dangers visible and invisible.

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