Curried Okra Omelette

19 days in self-isolation. I once again dreamt that I had long hair, but of course I don’t because I started to go bold when I was in my late 20s. Is losing your hair like losing a limb? Is my dream hair a ghost limb?

I made breakfast as usual (pictured), Curried Okra Omelette with just two ingredients; curried okra and eggs 😂.

I spent the morning catching up on missed episodes of Marvel’s Agents of Shield. In the afternoon, I had to provide predicted grades (I went on average scores from in-class assessments and homework). After that, I did some admin for my doctoral study. Before spending a well-earned hour on Unchartered 2 Remastered.

I spent my evening taking part in an online lecture delivered by Dr Simon Watts, University of East Anglia, titled “What Should a Literature Review Do?” It wasn’t life changing but has provided me with a lot more info to go on.

The plan is to spend some of tonight in worship. It’s the night when God closes the books on the past year’s deeds and writes down what is destined for us in the coming year.

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