COVID DIARY: DAY 22 Soufflés Omelette

As the title suggests, I attempted a Soufflés Omelette today from a recipe on YouTube. I added a chilli to mine. I struggled to get my egg whites to form peaks, possibly because I was using demerara sugar instead of caster sugar. Still, I managed to froth them up enough to get the right consistency for the mix. The next error was that I used the fast hob and as a result the bottom side of the omelette browned up too much. The finished product tasted good but was definitely not picture worthy.

We have some potted plants and herbs in the garden. Out of curiosity I googled the different types of weeds that are common in the UK. It turns out we have five of the 7 most common varieties. I’m thinking of getting rid of them tomorrow, but other than mint, chives and some leeks that have seen better days, that’s about all that seems to grow in our “herb” garden.

I’m on Day 4 of yoga with Adriene. More planks and downward facing dogs. However, today marks the first time that I managed to do everything. Progress? It’s too early to tell.

On COVID 19, we are nearing the 1000 dead per day rate, and will likely pass the 10000 fatality total tonight. The hospital wards are filled with Asians and Blacks. We seem to make up a disproportionate percentage of the overall sick. However, one 99 year old survived WW2 and now COVID too. It gives hope to the rest of us that just like the Nazis, this disease can be beaten too.

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