COVID DIARY: DAY 65, Last Day of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is coming to an end. It is customary to reflect at the end of things what has been lost and what has been gained.

Lost have been the 150 congregational prayers in the masjid, including the 30 nights of the Taraweeh (marathon prayers performed after the night prayer). Lost have been the communal iftars (opening of the fast) in the masjid, sharing dates, fruit and the pink milk; including the big community iftar that we share with the wider community in the town square, around the clock tower. Lost have been my daily visits to see my mother and hanging out with my younger brothers. Lost have been the random encounters with people on the street, quick catch ups and sharing of news. Lost have been those hours of teaching my students in person and the apologetic looks of my colleagues as they sip coffees at break time.

Gained have I invaluable hours and moments with my family that I would normally miss. 150 prayers standing with my wife and kids. Taraweeh prayers with my 12 year old son leading. Nights awake in prayer knowing I’ll be at home to catch up on missed sleep. Starting and finishing every fast with my family. The hours of quiet companionship and the sometimes hilarious and sometimes frustrating conversations. Gained have I the instances of trying to share wisdoms and reflections with my children, trying to gently course correct them into becoming better humans. The gifts of food and groceries from family and friends, the sharing of treats and the oh so many desserts.

Gained have I a most unforgettable month. All praise and thanks be to the All Wise and All Knowing Lord Almighty for all of His Blessings on us.

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