COVID DIARY: DAY 70, The Maniacs!

Planet of the Apes (1968)

The sun is out and madness abounds. People are flocking to the beaches, to the parks, to any bit of green and blue out there. The number of deaths seemed to be going down and now its back at over 400. If people continue to ignore the virus, we’re going to see that second peak in deaths very soon.

Two things have contributed to this behaviour and they both relate to Boris Johnson.

1. He eased up on the lockdown and changed the message from Stay Home to Stay Alert (for what is anyone’s guess).

2. Dominic Cummings, the second most powerful man in politics (maybe the first depending how far his hand goes up…) made a number of journeys that were clearly not essential.

Boris has tried his normal attempts to wave off serious issues and Matt Hancock has tried laughing it off. However, we cannot afford to let any of them off the hook. Too many lives are at stake. When our leaders start behaving like despots and dictators, we need to stand up to them and make them accountable. Otherwise you may as well be living in Syria or Russia.

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