COVID DIARY: DAY 132 Return to Lockdown

The inevitable has happened. Parts of England have been forced to go back into lockdown. Easing restrictions as quickly as the government did was clearly a mistake. Allowing people to travel abroad was even more insane. But somehow this new lockdown seems to be more about social differences and less about what is sensible.

The more deprived part of Lancashire, the areas with a higher percentage of ethnic minorities are the ones being lockdown. The media and authorities have been trying to sell the idea that the Muslim community are responsible for spreading the disease (conveniently forgetting the Muslim and ethnic minority doctors and nurses that died whilst caring for the infected). It seems quite cynical that the government have made the announcement late on the night before eid day, banning families from spending eid together (the second eid in lockdown).

The fact of the matter is that the government has been making decisions that benefit big businesses more than the average joe throughout this pandemic. The furlough schemes, the bail outs, the billions of borrowed dollars finding their way into the pockets of big industry. Easing the lockdown early was a mistake, holidays abroad aren’t worth the lives of health workers. A zero infection rate was never achieved.

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