The Future of Books

The Futurebooks conference is currently taking place and the census on digital content has only recently been published. As predicted by many professionals (and amateurs like me), the rise of the ebook continues, with now 9/10 people having accessed a digital book or journal. Whilst dedicated e-reading devices are the platform of choice, the proliferation […]

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A World Without Amazon?

What would a world without Amazon be like? Following on from a hearing on allegations of ┬átax evasion by Amazon, Google and Starbucks, led by a committee of MPs in Britain, there have been calls for people in the UK to boycott all of the above. I’ve heard fierce debates on radio between critics, who […]

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Social Network Fatigue

Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Authonomy, Google+, Smashwords. This is a list of my current online social networks. Now most of these networks are inter-connected in some shape or form. I write a blog post and it appears on Goodreads. I put up a link on my Facebook page and its copied on to my Twitter account, […]

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