40% off The Changeling King

This is a limited time offer that is running until 29 June 2012!!!! I’m already offering the trade paperback at 20% discount off the RRP on the Lulu website. Now Lulu are offering a site wide promotion with an extra 20% off. This means that you get to save 40% off the jacket price. Visit:¬†http://www.lulu.com/shop/noor-a-jahangir/the-changeling-king/paperback/product-20196063.html […]

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The New Blurb

You all know that I’m getting set to launch the print edition of The Changeling King, rocking the Paul Davies cover art. Being a bit of a tinkerer, I’ve redrafted the blurb (the bit on the back of the book) and thought I’d share it with you. As always, your comments are most welcome. So […]

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That Scary Book Cover

The original photograph is by Derek R Audette, a talented chap with a portfolio of freaky looking guys. The original black and white shot was so good that it only took me a couple of hours to adjust it on Paint.net, a free photo editing software available from filehippo.com. It’s not PhotoShop, but still manages […]

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