The New Blurb

You all know that I’m getting set to launch the print edition of The Changeling King, rocking the Paul Davies cover art. Being a bit of a tinkerer, I’ve redrafted the blurb (the bit on the back of the book) and thought I’d share it with you. As always, your comments are most welcome. So here it is:

At the height of the Age of the Alvor a changeling was born into the noblest of houses. Deformed and doomed to insanity, he was abandoned in the mountains. Fifteen years later, he rode out at the head of terrible army to destroy the empire of the Alvor. Now, torn by a hundred years of war, the land of Kryllon lies under the shadow of the Trollking and the people look to the heavens for salvation.
When four teenagers disappear in a Pennine lake in England, everyone believes it to be a tragic accident. Only Adam knows different. He was there. He knows that they were taken . . . and that he’s next.
Nathan and his friends find themselves in a strange land, prisoners of the Alvor. If Nathan is to ever get his friends home, he must outsmart deceitful allies, battle murderous enemies and venture into the very heart of the Trollking’s stronghold.
But the trials of their individual journeys are nothing compared to what lies at journey’s end . . .

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