Where’s It Going?

Where’s what going? Fiction. What nepw mediums are going to evolve in the coming years to provide new ways of consuming stories? I’ve just finished playing through Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 and found myself thinking ‘that was a well told story’. A rare handful of games transcend the restriction of their medium to become not only a good game but also a good story. The same goes for film. I watched Cowboys and Aliens just over a week ago and enjoyed it for what it was, a summer blockbuster. Then, a couple of days ago I watched I Number Four in digital format and could see that the story wasn’t really meant for the big screen. It spent too much time on character development and relationship building and then when the action started, it felt like it came in one big avalanche of set peices. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the story, the pacing is just fine for a novel, which is how the story began its life. Apparently Hollywood snapped it up before it even hit the bookshops. Suffice to say that storytelling isn’t just the perserve of books or camp-fires.
Conversely, I just finished reading a book too (I won’t give you the title) but it bombed big time, despite having recieved 4-5 stars from a number of reviewers. The character was a douche, the narrator was overbearing with his voice and nothing really happened in the first third of the book. Luckily the book only cost 99p. If it had been more, I would have named the book and given it bad reviews all over the place. What does that say about writers?
I predict that the different formats will begin to merge as time goes on, with good writing spanning various mediums and content crossing mediums like Harry Potter has, more and more often. Obvious I know, but the question is what other mediums will be invented that will create opportunities for writers.

One thought on “Where’s It Going?

  1. It’s refreshing to see a writer who is more accepting and even embracing of the idea that storytelling transcends the format of the book. In terms of new media, I think that collaboration will play a huge role. A storyteller can be engaging and interacting with readers as she unfolds the story, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing to know as one goes along what is working in terms of plot, etc. and what isn’t.

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