Review: Apexology Science Fiction and Fantasy

Apexology: Science Fiction and FantasyApexology: Science Fiction and Fantasy by Maurice Broaddus
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Apex Book Company are known for producing some of the best new fiction out there. This anthology is no different, though many of the stories seem to be reprints. The writing is tight, the plots are intriguing and the characterization is enviable.
The first story is by J M McDermott, titled Dedalus and the Labyrinth and as you can guess from the title, is a story inspired by the classical myth of Daedalus’s attempts to escape King Minos’s Labyrinth. The story is narrated in the second person by Dedalus as he guides another hopeful through the young man’s attempts to escape the Labyrinth. Reading a story in the second-person is a weird experience, but in this case doesn’t feel like an unnecessary gimmick.
The Imagination Hospital is by Israeli author Guy Hasson and is a brilliant conception of how people feel somewhat intimidated by new ideas and powerful imaginations.
My favourite story in the anthology is by Zak Anwar and O. M. R. Anwar, BollyWorld Gods, Bubonic Men, and the Cyberpunk Samurai. The title tells the story. It reads like the Bollywood take on Johnny Mnemonic, exploring cyberpunk tropes with the lavish setting usually reserved for ‘superhit’ songs from a Bollywood production.
Another story of note is Unicorn Gold by Alethea Kontis, which again subverts the old myths about unicorns, but gives the single-horned ones the opportunity for a little pay back.
All in all, this is an exciting collection of around 17 stories, which I recommend to fans of speculative short fiction.

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