Social Network Fatigue

A Visual Representation of My Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Authonomy, Google+, Smashwords. This is a list of my current online social networks. Now most of these networks are inter-connected in some shape or form. I write a blog post and it appears on Goodreads. I put up a link on my Facebook page and its copied on to my Twitter account, which then copies it onto my website, my Goodreads home page and posts it on my profile on Facebook. I deleted about ten apps of my facebook account and still have around 20 still there. I’m fatigued.

Updating all my networks takes a couple of hours everyday and I still feel guilty that I maybe neglecting Followers by not posting what I’m having for lunch or how much of my current read I’ve got left. Its a social networking nightmare. Now we have Google+ on top of the others, but it doesn’t seem to want to connect to Facebook, which is pretty much connected to everything online. All the bloggers and marketing experts say its absolutely necessary to stay on top of social networking and that without it you will sink into anonymity. I think what the world needs isn’t another social network, but rather a social network aggregator. An app that will not only post everything to everything, but also know what not to post where.  So there’s a challenge for you prog-geniuses out there. Throw me a life-buoy.

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