It’s All Too Much?

Do you every get the feeling that you may be doing too much? Writing is the one thing that I would say I love doing the most, and yet of late I haven’t been putting fingers to moulded plastic keys as much as I should. I’m working on a new novel and the plot has been paid out already, and yet I’m only on the second chapter. I’ll be honest; that makes me feel guilty. I’m working full-time as the chief officer at q charity and my to-do list is as long as my arm. On top of this I’ve also taken up lecturing six hours a week at the university I’m doing my MA at, and with my studies I’m at the dissertation stage. I need to get a distinction if I’m to progress onto a Phd. Add to that my hobbies, gaming, painting and most recently archery. I’m clearly not getting much exercise. But despite all that, I feel alive and challenged to the point of feeling that my abilities are being stretched. Is this a good thing or am I heading towards a major burn out?

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