What’s in a Name?

The people who know me best, know that my real name isn’t Noor A Jahangir. Relax, I ain’t about to reveal my secret identity just yet. That doesn’t happen until at least season 3 of my life story. But one of my sister’s suggested that the story about how I came by the pseudonym was interesting enough to share. So here it is.
The Story of How I Became Noor A Jahangir.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t have anything to do with falling down a well and then being confronted by a bat-like apparition, or being bitten by a radio-active spider/walrus/vampire, etc. It doesn’t even involve being jettisoned from a dying planet by my parents.
Like many other people out there who like to keep themselves busy, I have many roles and some more important than others. Even as a writer, I write different stuff and not always fiction. To most people that will encounter my name, I’ll just be that person who wrote X, Y or Z, so my name becomes an important part of how I represent myself. For instance, if I used my real name on my fiction, it would call into dispute my credentials as a serious academic or even a respectable Muslim scholar. So I started asking people I trust about whether I should use a pen name. Guy Adams and David Farland confirmed that I really do need to use a pen name simply because of how difficult my first name is to pronounce and about positioning on bookshelves in a book store. But it was my Sheikh (my guide in the journey of developing my spirit) who suggested the name I currently support. It kind of works on multiple levels. First of all, he suggested that a pen name would stop my head from expanding with pride (pride is very harmful to the spirit). Historically, there was a famous Mughal king known as Noor-uddin Jahangir. My grandfather’s name is Noor and he is kind of like the mayor of a village named after the Mughal king, Jahangir. The name Noor A Jahangir also translates as ‘The Light Emanating from Jahangir’. Its a good name and a little frightening too, burgeoning with the weight of destiny. Does your name have a story behind it? 

One thought on “What’s in a Name?

  1. DOES my name have a story behind it? i seriously have no idea….everytime i ask my parents they come up with a newer, more dramatic story of how i was named. but i guess you’ll probably know why i was tagged with such a beautiful name. its probably because im such a beautiful person, they thought hmm she deservesa beautiful name. not that im bragging ofcourse.

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